Brave Action Ukraine

We are a nonprofit organization helping Ukrainians help Ukrainians in the war and reconstruction. Our donations extend what individual volunteers in Ukraine can do to serve critical needs in their country.

What We Do

Brave Action Ukraine empowers Ukrainians to build a future of possibility as they help each other through the consequences of war.

Brave Action Ukraine enables direct impact giving by concerned citizens around the world.

Ukrainian who write their experiences since the beginning of the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022 offer us an authentic picture and deeper understanding.

As we donate to expand the work of local volunteers, they can do much more.

Donors see immediate results of their giving at this time of loss, destruction, and rebuilding.

Let us all take brave action as...
we help people helping people.

How It Works

Read personal experiences written by Ukrainians to get a first-hand profound appreciation of how the full-scale Russian invasion has affected Ukrainians' lives. Meet 'ordinary' local volunteers who are doing extraordinary work to support those in need and their country.

Write your personal stories and submit them for review to be included live on"

Register as a BAU accredited Volunteer and qualify for donations from Brave Action Ukraine donors. Introduce yourself, tell us about the volunteer work you have been doing, and your current campaign. Please explain the realities you are facing, how you are currently paying for your volunteer work, and what you are doing to help. Giving a heart-centered, detailed of what you are doing motivates us to donate so you can do even more.

Have Impact
You care. Brave Action Ukraine offers opportunities to give gifts of empathy and money in a way that you can see direct impact. It also enables you to communicate with your family, friends, and broader network with authentic information and deeper understanding about Ukraine's fight for sovereignty, freedom, and democracy.

Tell us how your life has changed since the war began. It provides a real perspective in ways the news media cannot. Also, the donations you make for those in need and your military... the volunteering you do in different ways... are an inspiration to us all. What you share makes an impression and certainly encourages people to help Ukraine.

Act now
At Brave Action Ukraine we believe communicating truthful experiences about traumatic and challenging situations through personal connections increases social responsibility and action.

Read, write, and connect, one-on-one in BAU, to develop trust, hope, and new outlooks -- along with new funding -- to build opportunities and greater freedom for Ukraine and the world.

Join us in helping people help people.
Act bravely and give boldly!

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